Rehabilitative Exercise

Rehabilitative Exercise:


Establishing and maintaining a foundation of a healthy lifestyle and sense of personal well-being takes effort! At City Centre Chiropractic we pride ourselves on serving as a reliable resource for patient education on tailoring rehabilitation exercises to restore patient mobility and function; as well as, provide additional exercises to enrich overall levels of strength and health. Exercise programs range from specific therapies for injuries to core stability exercises to achieve optimum health and performance. By working with each patient, the goal is to therapeutically establish an exercise plan unique to each patient’s needs. Exercise Rehabilitation serves as a complimentary approach to regular Chiropractic treatment, Active Release Techniques® (ART) and Graston Technique® in the restoration and rehabilitation process in managing pain and achieving optimum health.

City Centre Chiropractic offers the following rehabilitation services:
  • In-Office strength and rehabilitation training
  • Home rehabilitation programs
  • Advice on strengthening the affected area to reduce risk of re-occurrence
  • Exercise recommendations  with a focus on proper technique
  • If needed, professional referrals to other rehabilitation experts.