Here at City Centre Chiropractic, we are dedicated to providing safe, effective and efficient health care to each and everyone of our patients. Our treatments are tailored specifically to each patient and focus on the goals and aspirations of that person. Whether you are in pain and looking for some relief; healthy and active and just trying to maintain that balance; or an elite level athlete that wants to achieve peak performance...
City Centre Chiropractic has the answers you've been looking for.
We use the most modern techniques and cutting edge technologies to provide you with the best health care available today so that you can live the healthy, active and pain free lifestyle you've been dreaming of.
- Chiropractic Manipulation
- Active Release Technique
- Graston Technique
- Kinesiotaping
- Cold Laser Therapy
- Rehabilitative Exercise
- Nutrition and Supplementation
- Custom Orthotics and Correct Toes
- Massage Therapy
- Acupunctur
- Prolotherapy / PRP
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