Welcome to City Centre Chiropractic


Our GOAL is to educate our patients to view their health proactively and recognize that self-awareness is a necessity in preventing both chronic and acute injury. We promote our patients to become actively involved in their own health!

Our PURPOSE is to restore and maintain the structure and function of your body's neurological, muscular and skeletal systems back to the way they were originally designed to work. This provides an optimal environment for the body to heal itself.

Our COMMITMENT is to thoroughly evaluate your current health and ailments, provide you with an in depth report of our findings and finally restore and maintain the proper alignment of your soft tissues, spinal joints and extremities to alleviate your complaint.

Our PROCESS is to customize health programs for your specific complaint. These programs may include a combination of in-office treatments consisting of cutting edge soft tissue work and chiropractic care matched with specific home stretching and strengthening exercises. Motivating you to take action before these painful and limiting injuries occur, so that you never miss a step in your busy and active life!

Our VISION is to transform our community, by inspiring our clients to experience their full health potential through the principles of chiropractic care.


"Inspiring a healthy community today, and instilling it for tomorrow!"